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Cherie Lang

Cherie Lang is a Luxe Director with Avenue Properties in Bellevue Washington – a visionary brokerage that is changing the industry! With over 20 years of real estate experience and growing up in a family of custom builders, Cherie is no stranger to new construction and urban development. She is your trusted partner in your next successful real estate transaction.

Just a few of Cherie’s credentials to help make you a winner:

Avenue Properties Luxe Director

This designation is given by Avenue Properties and is earned through volume of sales at the Upper Tier price range.

How does this benefit you? I have experience working the Upper Tier price range. When a listing comes up with another agent in any one of the offices, I am one of the people selected to qualify the listing to be eligible for the Premier Program.  This gives me knowledge of what is coming on the market more quickly than others and hones my skills in cooperating with other agents on their listings.  It is an excellent way to network your listing with their buyers.

Managing Broker

This designation is the highest level within the realm of Washington State clock hours taken and tests past and focuses more heavily upon the Law of Real Estate. This designation gives me the option of opening and running my own Real Estate Brokerage office.

How does this benefit you? I have extra education in Washington Real Estate Law that can assist in navigating successfully through transactions for my clients. I have the tools necessary to understand how a Real Estate office operates and protocol in working with other agents. This can bring peace of mind to my clients that I have management knowledge and skills.

New Construction Specialist

This designation is earned through sales experience with new construction homes and buildings. Whether you’re buying or selling, new construction poses its own set of unique challenges. As a certified New Construction Specialist, I am equipped to overcome those challenges!

Graduate of the Luxury Home Marketing Institute

This designation is awarded by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing based in Waco, Texas, with a global reach.  It is earned by volume of sales in the Upper Tier and extensive classroom time taught by professionals in all industries pertaining to high net worth individuals. Negotiation skills are honed and needs pertaining to upper tier clients, as relate to their real estate needs, are learned.

How does this benefit you? This is an amazing global network for your listing and referrals throughout the world in connecting you with other properties should you wish to sell or purchase.  This designation qualifies me for the Leaders in Luxury conference each year where the top agents from around the world spend three days together bringing their best advice, ideas and experiences to share with one another. I can use these fresh ideas and updates in technology to the forefront of exposing your listing to its maximum.

Accredited Buyer’s Representative


Accredited Staging Professional

This designation is awarded by the Association for Staging Professionals headed by Barb Schwartz. She is a former real estate agent that saw a need for more appealing home presentation and took it all the way to 20/20 on television. She teaches an extensive course on de-clutter and how to maximize placement of furnishings for optimum showing results and gaining clients more money by doing so.

How does this benefit you? I can get my clients more money if their home is presented at its full potential! I have a warehouse of fine furnishings for many rooms in all styles should my clients need them.

Certified Residential Specialist

This designation is awarded by the Residential Specialists Council for Real Estate Agents. It is earned through an extensive series of subjects about listing residential properties. Role playing exercises to hone our negotiation and problem solving skills when there may be bumps in the road in a transaction.

How does this benefit you? This designation helps me provide a smooth and satisfying  real estate  experience for my clients because I know how to  deal with all parties and situations in a real estate transaction.

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