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How Much will HOA's Cost?

One of the most important questions to ask when considering purchasing a condominium is, “How much are the HOA’s (Home Owner Association dues) and what do they cover?”

HOA dues are set up to maintain common areas (courtyards, clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, etc.) and also enforce deed restrictions. All condominiums have HOA’s. They are normally set up by the developer and then transferred to the homeowners or a business that specializes in running homeowner associations. CC&R’s (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) are also created to help maintain the quality and value of your property. HOA dues are normally established by square footage or bed bath count. Here in Bellevue it is more likely to be based on square footage, especially in the newer high-rises. Most HOA dues will include garbage, water and sewer. Some complexes may also include earthquake insurance, cable TV, and gas.

The average charge per square foot for Bellevue new construction condominiums ranges from $0.52 -$0.53 cents per square foot. Something to also keep in mind, condominiums with pools are more likely to have higher HOA’s due to more maintenance.

Some sample HOA Dues:

  • WA Square: Estimate $0.52 per sq.ft.
  • Bellevue Tower: Estimate $0.53 per sq.ft.
  • Lincoln Square: Estimate $0.67 per sq.ft. (Shared indoor pool with the Westin Hotel)
  • One Main Street Condominiums: $0.58 per sq.ft.
  • 1200 Bellevue: $373 a month for everyone
  • Bellevue Pacific: Approx. $0.65 per sq.ft. (indoor pool)