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Luke Dunckley


Luke is a Broker with the visionary Avenue Properties and has been in the industry for over a decade. He has worked alongside Cherie Lang since graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle with a specialization in graphic design. As a Certified Condominium Specialist with an extensive resume of condo transactions under his belt he is the go-to source for condo buying & selling.

Luke has achieved several important Real Estate accreditations so you can be confident that you’re trusting your business to the experts!


Broker with Avenue Properties

How does this benefit you? The visionary brokerage Avenue Properties offers some of the industry’s best resources available for agents to help their clients. Cutting-edge technology, superb marketing, extensive experience, and a Clients First mindset raise Avenue Properties above the rest!

Certified Condominium Specialist

Luke is one of the very few Realtors in Washington State that holds a Certified Condominium Specialist designation. Holding this designation means that you have successfully completed continuing Real Estate education that specializes in condominiums, the legal aspects of condo ownership, condo sales and marketing techniques, condo negotiations, and other important condominium-specific training.

How does this benefit you? Buying or selling your condo home is always best left to the experts, and nobody is more prepared than those holding the Certified Condominium Specialist designation. For more information on why its best to choose a Certified Condominium Specialist you can always visit

Special Memberships

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Seattle King County Association of Realtors

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