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What's Mine Worth?

There are many factors that will ultimately determine the value of your home or condominium. Three of the most important to consider are:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “location, location, location”. Even to this day, location rules. The value of your property will always be impacted by its location. Great locations and regions with thriving markets can boost property values significantly while poor locations have the opposite effect. With our expertise we’ll be able to determine how your property’s location will impact its price and how well it will do on the market.

The zoning of your property also affects its value. Future zoning and land use changes can cause an increase or decrease in the worth of your home or condo. Working with a real estate professional who is savvy in construction and zoning issues assures you of reaping the maximum profit when your property is sold.

Features and Amenities
Special features of a home or condo can increase its appeal to potential buyers. Interesting architectural design or tasteful custom interiors can do wonders for upping your home or condo’s value.

As you might imagine, a view of the water or mountains adds tremendously to the value of your property. In the Pacific Northwest, sun exposure and windows hold special importance. For that reason, an end unit condo has greater value than a middle unit in the same building, assuming it has extra windows.

The availability of amenities in a condo development or residential neighborhood directly influence the value of your property. In addition, close proximity to great schools and employment hubs can also make your property more appealing to some buyers.

New construction, whether it be home or a condo project, tends to attract attention. However, a new condo home may not be worth more than an older one. In determining value, all the above feature come into play -  the neighborhood, the view, the design.

An older condo or home in a good neighborhood may actually retain its value better than newer construction. If your home needs work, the Bellevue Block Team will help you decided whether it makes financial sense to engage in repairs and upgrades.

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